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Positive Behavior Support 

Discipline Referral Definitions


Defiance / Disrespect /Non-Compliance-student engages in brief or low-intensity failure to respond to adult requests.

Disruption-student engages in low-intensity, but inappropriate disruption (tapping a pencil, tapping feet, out of seat).

Inappropriate Language-Student engages in low –intensity instance of inappropriate language.

Physical Contact/Physical Aggression-student engages in non-serious, but inappropriate physical contact (horseplay, pushing/shoving in a non-violent, non-serious, but inappropriate way.

Property Misuse- Student engages in low-intensity misuse of property (writing on surface that can be cleaned, standing on toilets in the restroom, swinging on stall doors, etc.)

*Three (3) minor offenses are equal to one (1) major offense.


Abusive language/Inappropriate Language/Profanity-Student delivers verbal messages that include swearing, name calling, or use of words in an inappropriate way.

Arson-Student plans and/or participates in malicious burning of property.

Bomb Threat/False Alarm-Student delivers a message of possible explosive materials being on-campus, near campus, and or pending explosion.

Bullying-The delivery of direct or technology-based messages that involve intimidation, teasing, taunting, threats, or name-calling.

Cell Phone Violation-Student engages in inappropriate use of cell phone (as defined by student handbook).

Defiance/Insubordination/Non-Compliance-Student engages in refusal to follow directions or talks back.

Disrespect-Student engages in behavior causing an interruption in a class or activity, disruption includes sustained loud talk, yelling, or screaming: noise with materials; horseplay or roughhousing; and/or sustained out-of-seat behavior.

Dress Code Violation-Student wears clothing that does not fit within the dress code guidelines as defined by student handbook.

Fighting-Student is involved in mutual participation in an incident involving physical violence.

Forgery/Theft/Plagiarism-Student is involved by being in possession of, having passed on, or being responsible for removing someone else’s property; or the student has signed a person’s name without that person’s permission, or claims someone else’s work as their own.

Gang Affiliation Display-Student uses gesture, dress, and/or speech to display affiliation with a gang.

Harassment-The delivery of disrespectful messages in any format related to gender, ethnicity, sex, race, religion, disability, physical features, or other protected class.

Inappropriate Display of Affection-Student engages in inappropriate, consensual (as defined by student handbook) verbal and/or physical gestures/ contact, of a sexual nature to another student/adult.

Inappropriate Location/Out of Bounds Area-Student is in an area that is outside of school boundaries or off limits to students during specific days/times.

Lying/Cheating-Student delivers message that is untrue and/or deliberately violates rules.

Physical Aggression-Student engages in actions involving serious physical contact where injury may occur (hitting, punching, hitting with an object, kicking, hair pulling, scratching, etc.).

Property Damage/Vandalism-Student engages in activity that results in destruction or disfigurement of property.

Skipping-Student leaves or misses class without permission.

Tardy-Student is late (as defined by student handbook) to class or the start of the school day.

Technology Violation-Student engages in inappropriate (as defined by student handbook) use of music/video players, camera, computer, or other electronic device.

Truancy-Student is absent from school without permission from parent/guardian.

Use/Possession of Alcohol-Student is in possession of or is using alcohol.

Use/Possession of Combustibles-Student is/was in possession of substances/objects readily capable of causing bodily harm and/or property damage (matches, lighters, firecrackers, gasoline, lighter fluid).

Use/Possession of Drugs-Student is in possession of or is using illegal drugs/ substances or imitations.

Use/Possession of Tobacco-Student is in possession of or is using tobacco.

Positive Behavior Matrix

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