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North Daviess Students Compete in Spelling Bee

By Chrystina, North Daviess Senior

Two North Daviess students competed in the Daviess County Spelling Bee at ​​ Winston, Missouri on February 10, 2014. Destiny Blackburn and Robyn Sprague competed with contestants from all over Daviess County. In all there were about 20 kids competing in the spelling bee.

When asked if she had fun at the spelling bee, Robyn said, “It was fun; I liked all the challenge.” Destiny said “It was fun and I got to meet new people, but there were a lot of challenging words.” Mr. Hartley said “The spelling bee went very well. Mr. Turner (Winston principal) first time hosted a bee for the elementary. She did very well with it.”

Robyn and Destiny did well representing North Daviess at the Daviess County Spelling Bee.

North Daviess Elementary Basketball Tips Off
 By Jessica, North Daviess Senior

North Daviess Elementary is getting ready for the 2013-2014 basketball season, with grades 3-6 participating.

Last year, 5 girls and 7 boys participated with both showing plenty of improvement and promise. This year, there are more students up for the game, with 18 total signing up, including 7 girls and 11 boys.

Coach Annette Lowrey is still leading the team, with no assistant this year. When asked what she is doing to prepare for the season, she replied “We are having practice several times a month. Both teams are showing improvement already, and I expect victories for both teams this season! 

The players really need to work on passing and dribbling skills, and I plan on trying some team-building activities to make these more cohesive units.”

Pattonsburg/North Daviess Jr. High Basketball Kicks Into Gear
By Jessica, North Daviess Senior

Junior High basketball is back for North Daviess with Blythe Hunter being the sole player going to Pattonsburg.

Some things change, some stay the same. The same is true for the Pattonsburg girls JH team this year. Coach Street is back this year, representing North Daviess on the coaching staff, but there are some new faces on the Pattonsburg side.

Coach Street is excited about the upcoming season, saying “I’m looking forward to both the girls and boys teams this year to improve and really show off what we’ve worked so hard for.”

Show your pride, North Daviess students! Get out there and participate. Go Knights (and Panthers)!

North Daviess R-III Student Selected for Honor Band

Blythe Hunter traveled to Central High School in St. Joseph, MO to participate in the auditions for the Northwest Missouri Music Educators Association Junior High Band on November 2, 2013.

 Blythe prepared two musical pieces and various scales for the audition. Blythe was selected to participate in the Honor Band on the trumpet. She will rehearse and perform with the band at the Wilson Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of Platte County R-III in Platte City, MO on December 14, 2013. 

Congratulations to Blythe for her hard work and outstanding achievement.

Spanish Classes Put On a Show for Elementary Students
By Jessica, North Daviess Senior

The Spanish I (Brooke Dustman) and Spanish III (Jessica Henderson) classes at North Daviess did a small puppet show for the elementary classes. Spanish 1 did a puppet show over the days of the week for grades 3-6. “My students were all very eager to learn. We kept the sign for the days of the week, and we try to say them often. I enjoyed it as well as my students. I hope the Spanish classes and our new puppet friends come back to share with us sometime soon.” said Ms. Berry. Spanish III did a puppet show over the numbers for grades K-2. “The kids were very zoned in and active during the show. I think they enjoyed it a lot. I know I did. The puppets were very friendly to my students and they wish they would come back every day. I know I’d like to see them do another puppet show or two before the end of the year.” said Mrs. Glenn.

The students putting on the puppet show had a great time and learned some key techniques on puppet operating as well. Brooke got to experience speaking with others outside the classroom. Since she is the only one in her class, it’s good for her to get out and speak Spanish to someone other than Mrs. Fish. Jessica as well had a lot of fun. She said “It was nice to get out and see other students enjoying what I enjoy every day. Spanish is one of my favorite classes and it was nice to see so many young students interested in this language. They all seemed very intrigued with the puppets.”

Knights Learn Fire Safety
By Chrystina, North Daviess Senior

On Friday October 11, 2013, emergency workers from all over the area came to North Daviess to teach kids about being safe and what happens when a fire happens or something bad happens. Participating groups include: the Daviess County Ambulance from Gallatin, MO, the Life Flight Helicopter from Kansas City, MO, Fire Department from Jameson and Bethany, MO.

It began with a fire drill. With all the students outside we got to watch the Life Flight Eagle fly in. All the kids got really excited. While the Life Flight Eagle flew in, the fire department and ambulance were waiting for us to come outside.

The fire department told the students about what happens when something catches on fire. They told the students what kind of materials they use to put out a fire. The fire department uses water, a fire extinguisher, and foam on fire. Each different material is used for a different kind of fire. The students got to sit in the fire trucks and stand on the back of the fire trucks where the water tanks are located. The Bethany Fire Department brought their ladder truck and showed the students how high in the air the ladder goes.

The Daviess County Ambulance taught the students about what happens when people need to be rush to a hospital fast. They showed the students the medicine they could use on people and the stretcher they put people in emergency situations on. The students got to tour the ambulance and see how tight the inside of an ambulance is when the stretcher was in the ambulance.

The Life Flight Eagle Helicopter from Kansas City, MO flew in and showed the students how they transport people in the helicopter and where everyone sits. The paramedics and the pilot got in and showed how tight the inside of the helicopter is when they are flying.

The students had a lot of fun seeing the fire trucks, ambulance, and the Life Flight Eagle. The emergency workers that show up taught the students a lot.  

Shoelaces as Long as School

From time to time, articles maybe submitted by classes outside of the North Daviess Publications class. This is one of those times. - North Daviess Publications Staff

             On September 20, 2013, the Junior High reading class conducted a survey to find the total length of shoelaces at our school. They asked the total school if they were wearing shoes with laces. They measured a shoestring to be 49 inches long. 35 people were wearing shoes with laces. Our school total was a whopping 142.9 feet of shoelaces on that day.                     – Grade 7 & 8 Reading Class

Students Attend Civil War Days in Lamoni

 On August 30, 2013 Mrs. Lowrey took grades 7-12 on a field trip to Civil War Days at Lamoni, Iowa. Civil War Days is a 3 day event in which enthusiasts reenact Civil War battles, and exhibit how people went about their daily lives. When not watching the reenactment of a battle, visitors can walk around and see the different camp sites and the professions of the day; such as the blacksmith, the doctor, and the leather tradesman. When asked what the purpose of the trip was, Mrs. Lowrey responded “We went to experience how people lived in the 1860s. I do not plan to do this every year, which is why I took the grades I did. Also all the kids have to learn about the Civil War sometime in their high school years.”

          The students and staff that went on this trip had loads of fun. Yes, it was a very hot day, but they all got through it without many complaints and no injuries. One of the highlights of this trip was when a few of the students and staff got to shoot the cannon. Shooting the cannon was interesting, and a very educational experience for everyone. Mr. Burns, the counselor at North Daviess accompanied the students on this trip; he was one that also shot the cannon. He said, “I had fun because the boys had to work together, but it was confusing receiving all different directions and it was really loud.

           While the battle reenactment didn't get to take place due to the heat, the students appeared to have a great time and experience a lot. When asked her favorite part of the trip, Brooke Dustman replied that “My favorite part was finding out that the cavalry men were only five foot four inches tall, which is the height of me now.” The students got to experience weapons of the time period, which are quite different but similar to our weaponry now. Corey Moore said “My favorite part was definitely the weapons; I really wanted to shoot a gun.” No, he didn't get to shoot a gun like he wanted, but he was one of the student that shot the cannon, which made his day.  - North Daviess Publications Staff

North Daviess Teams Up for 8-Man Football

This year Pattonsburg, Gilman City and North Daviess have joined forces to make an eight man football team.  This is starting with the junior high students and moving forward with the higher grades taking part in the near future. For the uninitiated, eight man football is closely related to the eleven man football version with a few minor differences, the main one being the fewer men on the field. General eight man football is known for big plays and an exciting atmosphere.
So far things are kicking off great; the players are challenging each other as well as themselves. The team is giving the students here at North Daviess a chance to have pride in their school as well as themselves. When asked how things were going on the team, Christian Ringer, a current player replied that “The kids are giving the other kids a run for the positions on the team; I think we’re doing great for having so many first-year players.” Like Christian most of the former football players find it a little more challenging having to play eight man football instead of eleven man. 

 Mr. Street, a teacher at North Daviess is the assistant coach for the football team. In his words, “the boys are fitting in well, doing well, and seem to be getting along well with the kids.”  

- Oscar, North Daviess Junior

North Daviess Welcomes Back Students and Teachers

The students and staff at North Daviess are kicking off another school year, getting into the swing of things and starting over with new faces, both on the staff and in the student body.

Aside from the new faces, other changes are in store for the 2013-2014 school year. Grades K-6 is providing time for RTI (Response to Intervention) which involves small group instruction for students needing help in specific learning objectives. 

Also grades K-8 are using a program called ‘I-Ready’, which assesses students and helps teachers with instruction, letting zero in on what the students need to know in order to be successful. At the high school level, the big change this year is that ITV is no longer available. The same classes are available online, however.

When asked about academic goals this year Mr. Hartley, the school principal, replied that the focus was “to shoot for more proficiency scores, and to better prepare our students to be successful. That’s what’s important.” 

The staff and students here at North Daviess are looking forward to another great school year and with the community’s support we know that great things are on the horizon.

- Jessica, North Daviess Senior